This popular dish is the perfect accompaniment to ice cold beers, as the heat of the day is slowly fading. If enjoying as a snack, there’s no need for rice. If serving it as part of a meal, rice is essential. Ideally the beef would be barbecued, over a charcoal brazier, for maximum flavour, but it can also  be grilled. It’s best to use a steak with some fat on it, as this will melt as it cooks, basting the meat. However you cook it, please be sure to rest it before slicing it, to ensure juiciness.


a quality piece of steak

splash of light soy sauce

splash of fish sauce

spicy dip for BBQ meats


1. Splash the soy sauce and fish sauce onto the meat, massage it in a little, and leave for 30 mins or longer to marinade.

2. Grill or BBQ the steak until medium.

3. REST the meat for 10 mins.

4. Slice and serve with spicy dip, rice, and a few ice cold beers.

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